Exporting Quality Wines   

Demand for top quality wine in  China is at all time high, wine consumers embracing imported wine faster than any other country in the world, increasingly the Chinese wine consumers choice of wine is coming from Australia.

Australian Wine Cellar have a wealth of experience in winemaking, wine packaging, container packing right through to logistics, specific export and wine analysis through to documentation, assisting exporters in native Chinese language.


Our in-house staff are available to assist with and to answer questions related to;

  • How to invest in Australian Wine Cellar,

  • Legal and Australian Migration law specialist referal,

  • Method of business applied in China,

  • Business relationship building with Australian Wine Cellar,

  • Addressing consumer needs in native language,

  • Assisting with the export of product,

  • Exporting the product to its destination.

We have been specialising in fine wine production assisting our distributors in providing one-stop export service.


We are now ripe to share our know-how with potential partners worldwide.


China’s thirst for Australian wine continues to grow at a faster rate than anywhere else in the world.


Australian Wine Cellar produces top quality wine at all  price points, we co-operate well with our Chinese business partners.